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 hasBodyMotionData, pw:: OversetNode
 hasChild, pw:: Framework
 hasFrameworks, pw:: Framework
 hideAllLayers, pw:: Display
 hideLayer, pw:: Display
 HybridInterface, pw:: IOMode
$node hasBodyMotionData
This action indicates if the node has body motion data assigned to it.
$parent hasChild < name | framework >
This action returns the true if the framework directly contains the specified child framework.
pw::Framework hasFrameworks
This action returns true if multiple frameworks are present.
pw::Display hideAllLayers
This action sets all of the layers to be hidden in the current display.
pw::Display hideLayer < layer | layer_list >
This action sets the given layers to be hidden in the current display.
Set the interface data type to be used to establish connectivity between blocks of differing type (structured and unstructured).