Pointwise Plugin SDK
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCaeBlockThe grid block base class
oCCaeConditionThe volume and boundary condition data class
oCCaeFaceStreamHandlerThe unstructured grid model face stream handler class
oCCaeGridModelThe grid model base class
oCCAEP_BCINFOBoundary condition definition information
oCCAEP_EXPORTERCAEP exporter instance handle
oCCAEP_FORMATINFOThe information returned for each supported CAEP exporter
oCCAEP_RTITEMThe data representing a CAE exporter instance
oCCAEP_VCINFOVolume condition definition information
oCCAEP_WRITEINFOCAE export write control information
oCCaeStrBlockThe structured block class
oCCaeStrBoundaryThe structured boundary class
oCCaeStrBoundaryGroupThe structured boundary group class
oCCaeStrConnectionThe structured block to block connection class
oCCaeStrConnectionGroupThe structured block to block connection group class
oCCaeStrCustomIndexHandlerThe structured grid model index mapper handler class
oCCaeStrGridModelThe structured grid model class
oCCaeUnsBlockThe unstructured block class
oCCaeUnsCustomIndexHandlerThe unstructured grid model index mapper handler class
oCCaeUnsElementThe unstructured element class
oCCaeUnsElementDataThe unstructured element data class
oCCaeUnsElementGroupThe unstructured element group class
oCCaeUnsEnumElementDataThe model unstructured element data class
oCCaeUnsGridModelThe unstructured grid model class
oCCaeUnsPatchThe unstructured patch class
oCCaeUnsVertexThe unstructured vertex class
oCGRDP_FORMATINFOThe information returned for each supported GRDP importer
oCGRDP_IMPORTERGRDP importer instance handle
oCGRDP_READINFOGrid import read control information
oCGRDP_RTITEMThe data representing a grid importer instance
oCPWGM_ASSEMBLER_DATAFace descriptor data type. Used for face assembler functions
oCPWGM_BEGINSTREAM_DATAData passed to a PWGM_BEGINSTREAMCB callback function
oCPWGM_BLOCKDATABlock data type
oCPWGM_BNDRYDATAStructured grid boundary data type
oCPWGM_CNXNDATAStructured grid, inter-block, connection data type
oCPWGM_CONDDATACondition descriptor data type
oCPWGM_ELEMCOUNTSElement count information
oCPWGM_ELEMDATAElement descriptor data type
oCPWGM_ENDSTREAM_DATAData passed to a PWGM_ENDSTREAMCB callback function
oCPWGM_ENUMELEMDATAEnumerated model element descriptor data type
oCPWGM_FACEREF_DATAInformation about a block cell element that touches a face
oCPWGM_FACESTREAM_DATAData passed to a PWGM_FACESTREAMCB callback function
oCPWGM_HBLOCKAn opaque handle to a grid block element
oCPWGM_HBLOCKASSEMBLERAn opaque handle to an unstructured block assembler
oCPWGM_HBNDRYAn opaque handle to a structured block boundary
oCPWGM_HCNXNAn opaque handle to a structured, inter-block connection
oCPWGM_HCONNECTORAn opaque handle to a grid connector element
oCPWGM_HDOMAINAn opaque handle to a grid domain element
oCPWGM_HELEMENTGrid element handle declaration
oCPWGM_HELEMENT_BASEOnly used as a generic base handle for PWGM_HELEMENT
oCPWGM_HGRIDMODELAn opaque handle to a grid model
oCPWGM_HVERTEXAn opaque handle to a grid vertex element
oCPWGM_HVERTEXLISTGrid vertex list handle declaration
oCPWGM_HVERTEXLIST_BASEOnly used as a generic base handle for PWGM_HVERTEXLIST
oCPWGM_INDEX2Structured grid ijk index data type
oCPWGM_INDEX3Structured grid ijk index data type
oCPWGM_INDEX_XFORMThe 3D transform matrix data type
oCPWGM_INDEX_XFORM2The 2D transform matrix data type
oCPWGM_STR_RANGEStructured grid ijk range data type
oCPWGM_VERTDATAVertex descriptor data type
oCPWP_APIINFOThe API information returned by plugins for each supported API
oCPWP_HVALUEAn opaque handle to a value
oCPWP_MSG_PROGRESSThe data sent by plugins for progress messages
oCPWP_MSG_TEXTThe data sent by plugins for text messages
oCPWP_PLUGININFOProvides general information about a plugin
oCPWP_VERSIONVersion data
oCPwpAnchoredFileValueHandles the delayed updating of a value in a PwpFile object
oCPwpAnchoredFileValueWriterThe default ValWriter type used by PwpAnchoredFileValue<ValWriter>
oCPwpCwdManipulates the current working directory
oCPwpFileWrites solver files
oCPwpFileRecordManages FORTRAN unformatted file records
oCPwpFileWriterThe abstract PwpFileWriter class
oCPwpWriterInterfaceThe abstract PwpWriterInterface class
oCPWU_RTITEMThe runtime data representing a PWP-API suported by a plugin
\CPWU_UNFDATAUnformatted file data block