Attributes Tab

The following sub-sections describe the various settings found in the Attributes tab for the domain unstructured solver.

unstructured solver attributes tab Pointwise
The unstructured solver Attributes tab provides controls for the unstructured domain solver.

Note that only those commands in the Attributes tab which are not placed inside a collapsible frame will be described below. On the other hand, the description of all the commands inside the collapsible frames are accessible via the list of topics at the bottom of this page.

The Cell Types frame provides two options to specify the type of cells to be generated by the unstructured solver: Triangles and Triangles and Quads. Use these options to ensure that the isotropic portion of the domains generated will contain only triangular or a combination of triangular and quadrilateral cells respectively.

The Boundary Decay command qualitatively controls how far into the grid's interior the boundary cell size affects the interior cell size. A decay factor of 0 turns off this attribute; interior cell size is not affected by boundary cell size. A decay factor of 1 applies full boundary influence on the grid's interior. Therefore, valid values for the boundary decay factor fall in the range [0,1].

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