Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK
Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK v0100r10


This is the programmer reference documentation for the Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK.

To simplify plugin development, an SDK has been created that wraps the low-level API details behind a convienent set of data structures and C function calls. Or, if you prefer, you can implement your plugin using the C++ variant of the SDK.

This document uses various shorthand notations as listed below.

Additional Reference Materials

In addition to this Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK reference, there are other materials available that will help you understand CAE plugin development.

How to Create a CAE Plugin

You must first download the CAE Plugin SDK from the Pointwise website. To install, unzip/extract the contents of the downloaded archive to your development location. The archive will create a root folder named PluginSDK. The Introduction to Pointwise Plugin Development webcast contains details on downloading and setting up the Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK.

Follow the "quick list" below to build a CAE Plugin using the SDK.

  1. Create a CAE plugin project.
  2. Configure the CAE plugin.
  3. Implement the CAE plugin.
  4. Build the CAE plugin.

TIP: If you intend to build on linux or macosx machines, the execute permissions on SDK scripts will only be preserved if you extract from a tar.gz archive on unix or macosx.

TIP: A complete copy of this on-line documentation is bundled with the SDK download. To access the SDK documentation locally, open .../PluginSDK/docs/index.html in a web browser.

SDK Downloads

Download the CAE Plugin SDK using one of the links below. Be careful to choose the SDK version that is compatible with your Pointwise installation.

Current distribution
SDK Version Pointwise Compatibility Downloads
1.0 R9 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, and 18.0