Automating Mesh Generation: Glyph Scripting

Your CFD process is unique: your product, a specific suite of software, a unique set of best practices, and a proprietary set of performance goals. In order to best support your use of CFD, you need software, including your mesh generator, to include robust tools that can be tailored to your process.

Macros and Templates

Pointwise's scripting language, Glyph, covers the entire range of functionality in the user interface. This allows you to capture the unique manner in which you generate meshes and make it part of your organization's intellectual property.

  • You can write a template that meshes your product from start to finish based solely on design parameters and deploy the script throughout the enterprise.
  • Frequently used command sequences can be captured in a script and deployed as a macro.
  • You can write scripts that string together various meshing functions and custom code that will do things that cannot be accomplished in the user interface.

Share Scripts on The Glyph Script Exchange

Pointwise maintains the Glyph Script Exchange on GitHub, an online repository of scripts developed by ourselves, our partners, and our customers. These freely available scripts not only immediately provide you with new capabilities, but can form the basis for new scripts through your editing and updating. They are a great starting point for your own script development. Once you start writing your own scripts, be sure to contribute some of them to the Exchange.


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