Pointwise Training Course

Pointwise Training Courses

Become a better mesh generator by attending a Pointwise training class at our offices in Fort Worth, TX, online or at your company. Our experienced instructors will show you the best approaches to many common meshing challenges and how to use some expert tips and tricks to make your meshing jobs easier. It's an investment in yourself that will pay off for you and your company.

Upcoming Classes in Fort Worth, TX

Pointwise Standard Training 29-31 January 2019


Pointwise Standard Training 16-18 April 2019
Pointwise Standard Training 16-18 July 2019
Pointwise Standard Training 17-19 September 2019

Registration for 2019 Fort Worth courses will open 1 October 2018.

Email training@pointwise.com for information about additional courses that may be scheduled to meet demand or to be placed on a waiting list for an existing course.

Pointwise Training at Your Site

If you cannot attend a training course at our offices in Fort Worth, TX, our engineers will travel to your company and teach one of our standard courses or a course customized to your needs. Having a course at your company allows you to get everyone who needs to use Pointwise trained at once. We will provide all training materials and software licenses; you just have to provide the facility.

Please note that there is a fee associated with having a course at your company. You can email us at training@pointwise.com if you would like to learn more from one of our technical support engineers.

Pointwise Standard Training

This class is suitable for all, even those with no prior experience using Pointwise. And if you are already using Pointwise, this class will bring you up to speed on the latest features and show you some techniques to make your job easier. It includes a full overview of the program, including thorough coverage of the graphical user interface style, interaction and customization.

Using demonstrations and hands-on experience, the Pointwise Standard Training course includes

  • Constructing analytic (CAD) geometry
  • Creating and smoothing multi-block structured grids
  • Creating isotropic unstructured grids
  • Extruding structured and unstructured grids to create hybrid topologies
  • Modifying grids with Edit, Dimension and Distribute commands, and more
  • Using Solid Meshing and Solid Modeling to simplify working with CAD data
  • T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion)
  • Overview of Glyph scripting


Classes are available for current users and those performing evaluations of our software.


Pointwise offers regularly scheduled training at the following locations:

  • Our office in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Onsite at your company

Travel Information

For information about hotels, directions and things to do in Fort Worth, see our travel page.

Course Fees

  • All Pointwise courses in Fort Worth, TX are free for customers with current maintenance.
  • $1,500 per day for additional personalized training or consulting

The fee includes breakfast, snacks and lunch. Email training@pointwise.com for fee information for on-site training at your office.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel a confirmed training reservation no later than seven calendar days prior to the start of the course. If you cancel after that time or fail to attend, your credit card will be charged the standard course fee. This policy includes customers who register for training in our Fort Worth, TX, offices but fail to attend or cancel by the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does the course last?

The Pointwise Standard Training and Glyph Scripting courses are both three days. The Advanced Structured Meshing and the Advanced Glyph Scripting courses are both one day.

On-site classes can be tailored in length to meet your needs.

What are the hours?

Our classes usually run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. We ask trainees to arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. so we can get everyone registered the first day. We provide breakfast snacks so many people spend this time eating and getting to know the other trainees.

The class can end early on one or more days, depending on class discussion and additional problems trainees may have questions about. Whenever we do finish early, we use that time to work with trainees on geometry or grids they bring to class. We are happy to provide personalized advice for your own cases and find this helps cement what is learned in class.

The last day is the one most likely to end early. For Fort Worth classes, if you need to book a return flight, you probably would be safe in booking it after 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. Central Time.

I am an advanced user. Will I be bored?

Our three day courses cover beginning to advanced topics with our instructors tailoring the level of information they provide to the experience level of the class. Advanced users typically find the review of the basics in the class beneficial and pick up time-saving techniques they did not know before, while learning how to incorporate Pointwise's more advanced capabilities into the grid generation process.

Our one day courses are oriented towards the advanced user and are recommended only if you already have significant experience.

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