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Pointwise User Group Meeting 2010

The Pointwise User Group Meeting 2010 was held in Fort Worth, Texas on April 13-14, 2010. The meeting featured special Pointwise and Gridgen training seminars, presentations by Pointwise staff on new product developments, exhibits by our partners and user presentations, and general mesh generation excitement.

CFD Gallery & Exhibits

Special time will be available during the Pointwise User Group Meeting for you to visit with our exhibiting partners and learn more about how Gridgen and Pointwise complement their products offerings.

Intelligent Light
Metacomp Technologies

Special Pointwise and Gridgen Training Sessions

Training sessions on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 covered the latest features in both Pointwise and Gridgen. The Gridgen session included new features that you may not be aware of that can save time meshing. An introductory section for Pointwise helped users new to the software pick up some of the basics of the interface. A Pointwise preview session will allow attendees to see the new features coming in the next release of Pointwise. The training sessions also will include hands-on exercises for attendees to try firsthand the features discussed.

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2010


Tuesday, April 13 - Training
Beg. End Event Room
8:00 8:30 Registration &
Continental Breakfast
Synergy Foyer
8:30 10:00 Training - Solid Modeling and Meshing of a Wing-Pylon-Store Geometry Synergy II
10:00 10:15 Break Synergy Foyer
10:15 12:00 Training - T-Rex Meshing of a Wing-Pylon-Store Geometry Synergy II
12:00 1:30 Buffet Lunch Atrium
1:30 2:30 Training - Structured Mesh Generation for the Supersonic Boundary Layer Interaction Workshop Synergy II
2:30 3:00 Break Synergy Foyer
3:00 5:00 Training - Automating Structured Grid Generation with Glyph Synergy II
6:30 8:00 Welcome Reception &
Partner Exhibits
Synergy Foyer
Wednesday, April 14 - General Session
Beg. End Event Room
8:00 8:30 Registration,
Continental Breakfast & Partner Exhibits
Synergy Foyer
8:30 8:45 Welcome & Introductions
Rick Matus, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Pointwise
Synergy I
8:45 9:15 Current Status of Pointwise & Gridgen,
John Chawner, President, Pointwise
Synergy I
9:15 9:45 Gridgen Capabilities for Integration and Visualization of Overset Grid Generation
Nick Wyman, Director of Applied Research, Pointwise
Synergy I
9:45 10:15 Break & Partner Exhibits Synergy Foyer
10:15 4:15 Support Consultations
(Sign up at the registration desk)
Synergy III
10:15 10:45 Cascade Thrust Reverser Design using Gridgen and CFD++,
Jeremy Zanzig, Analytical Methods, Inc.
Synergy I
10:45 11:15 The Effect of Fan and Wake Grid Density on the Analysis of a Generic Ducted Fan Vehicle,
Kelly Londenberg, AVID LLC
Synergy I
11:15 11:45 Mesh Topology Studies with Emphasis on Optimization of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Travis J. Carrigan, University of Texas at Arlington
Synergy I
11:45 12:15 Generation of Large Grids for the NASA-Glenn Embedded Propulsion Research Project
Bruce Hilbert, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Synergy I
12:14 1:00 Lunch Atrium
1:00 1:30 Complex Analysis Using a Multi-Physics Simulation Framework,
Jeremy D. Shipman, CRAFT Tech
Synergy I
1:30 2:00 Advanced Unstructured Grid Generation Using Gridgen and Pointwise,
Perry Wooden, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Synergy I
2:00 2:30 Towards More Efficient Centrifugal Compressors: The Role of Advanced CFD,
Mikhail Grigoriev, Cameron, Compression Systems
Synergy I
2:30 3:30 CFD Gallery Synergy Foyer
3:30 4:00 Investigating Potential Wind Risks Using Structured Meshes From Pointwise,
Gregory Oxley, Vestas Wind Systems
Synergy I
4:00 4:30 The EZprep - Pre-Processor for CFD, Chimera based Aircraft-Store Compatibility Simulations,
Maj. Motti Adar, Israeli Air Force
Synergy I
4:30 5:00 Creation of Multiple Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction Geometries Using a Parametric Mesh Generation Script,
Rex Chamberlain, Tetra Research Corporation
Synergy I
5:00 5:30 The Future of Pointwise & Gridgen,
John Chawner, President, Pointwise
Synergy I
5:30 6:00 Panel Discussion,
Nick Wyman, Director of Applied Research, Pointwise
Pat Baker, Manager of Product Development, Pointwise
Carolyn Dear, Manager of Support & Consulting, Pointwise
Mike Jefferies, Engineering Specialist, Pointwise
Synergy I
6:30 8:30 Pointwise UGM After Party Rick O'Shea's Pub

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