Quick High-Quality Structured Meshing for Axial Pumps

[15 Sept 2010] Pointwise reduces the time needed for high-fidelity CFD simulation of turbomachinery. In this webinar, we demonstrate the techniques used to create a multiple-block, structured mesh for the DARPA HIREP Axial Pump.

Reference: An Experimental Investigation of the Flow Through an Axial-Flow Pump by Zierke, et al. After linking to this document, go up one directory to find all the data.

Axial Pump

Topics covered in this webinar include

  • Stop using block topology as a crutch and use smoothing techniques to achieve high quality.
  • Prevent erroneous or incomplete geometries from slowing mesh generation.
  • Set aside your fear of fillets and create structured topologies to handle them.
  • Reduce solver setup time by applying volume and boundary conditions for your solver.


Description Format File Name File Size [MB]
Webinar Video File MP4 Pointwise-Webinar-Structured-Meshing-for-Axial-Pumps.mp4 1784
Pointwise Project File PW HIREP_IGV_Rotor-FINAL.pw 15
Inlet Guide Vane IGES hirepigv.igs 1.0
Rotor Blade IGES hireprot.igs 0.8
Section cut of experimental setup IGES hirep-xr.igs 0.1
Solver Files for OpenFOAM® ZIP HIREP_IGV_Rotor_OF.zip 73.5
IGV and Rotor (Structured Grid) CGNS HIREP_IGV_Rotor_STRUC.cgns 38.4
IGV (Structured Grid) CGNS HIREP_IGV_STRUC.cgns 16.2
Rotor (Structured Grid) CGNS HIREP_Rotor_STRUC.cgns 22.3
IGV and Rotor (Unstructured Grid) CGNS HIREP_IGV_Rotor_UNS.cgns 89.1
IGV (Unstructured Grid) CGNS HIREP_IGV_UNS.cgns 37.5
Rotor (Unstructured Grid) CGNS HIREP_Rotor_UNS.cgns 51.6

Quick High-Quality Structured Meshing for Axial Pumps is also now available on YouTube.

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