What's New in Pointwise V17.1


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Learn about the exciting new features available in Pointwise Version 17.1. From new CAE solver functionality to an advancing front algorithm for unstructured surface meshes, Pointwise V17.1's new capabilities will help you generate the mesh you need.

Advancing front surface mesh on brake assembly.
Advancing front surface mesh on brake assembly.

Discover how to

  • Export grids to our newly supported CAE solvers
  • Reduce the time to open and save Pointwise project files with our new file format
  • Create CAE plugins using face-based data
  • Specify attributes for CAE solvers
  • Use an advancing front algorithm for surface meshes
  • Create connectors on geometry boundaries
  • Add or remove edges to and from existing domains
  • Add or remove faces to and from existing blocks
  • Use more than 20 new accelerators for Pointwise commands
  • Use the Distribute Probe to examine grid point spacings
  • Get directional feedback when copying connector distributions

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