Manual block assembly proceeds by creating each of the six structured block faces individually. Use Create, Assemble Special, Block to open the Assemble Block panel. Pick the domain or domains in the Display window which form a single face. This command automatically overrides the Mask so that only structured domains can be picked. When the face is complete, use Save Face to save the definition of that face and move on to the next.

Assemble Blk Str
Manual structured block assembly is performed using the Create, Assemble Special, Block command.

Note that for a structured block face, the Save Face command is grayed out until the face forms a computationally rectangular region. After at least one domain is selected for a face, the selection list is further filtered to only domains that are connected to the face under development. When six faces have been successfully defined, a default computational orientation is applied and rendered in the Display window. This orientation can be changed later, if necessary, using the Edit, Orient command. Use OK to save the block definition.

There are a number of commands available during block assembly which are described here in detail. In the Block frame, the Remove Last Face command is used to delete the previously defined face from the definition of the block. This command is only available after a face has been saved and prior to selection of any domains for the next face.

The Face frame contains all those commands associated with the face currently under construction. Additionally, at the top of this frame is an area used to display a computational layout of the face under construction.

Remove Last Domain deletes the previously added domain from the current face definition. This command is only available after at least one domain has been picked for the current face.

The Domain Once check box is checked on by default and prevents a single domain from being used more than once in a block definition. This restriction is generally desirable for typical block topologies and helps to accelerate domain selection and face creation. However, for a block topology where a block attaches to itself, the Domain Once check box will need to be unchecked.

Finally, the Save Face command is used to finalize a face definition for the block under construction and move instantly to the next face definition. This command will only be available when the face under construction is computationally rectangular and, of course, after at least one domain as been picked for the face.

During face assembly multiple entity selection is available using the selection box in the Display window. Also, once a domain has been selected to begin face assembly, all adjacent domains which are available to add to the face are highlighted in a green render color. Only adjacent domains are available for selection once a face is under construction. This automatic filtering significantly reduces the pick list facilitating the selection process.


Assemble Special, Structured Block