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Build Farfield

The Build Farfield command provides tools to quickly create rectangular cuboid-shaped unstructured and voxel farfield blocks. These blocks are designed to encapsulate existing topology and extend it to a far boundary as part of a new field volume grid. As such, the selected domains will be used to define the bounding topology of the new block.

A good example of use of the Build Farfield functionality would be an external flow topology created, for instance, on a symmetric aircraft, where the domains on the surface of the vehicle up to the symmetry plane already exist. The Build Farfield command will use the surface domains to create a rectangular far boundary and a linked symmetry domain to produce a new block. Additionally, since automated block creation of this nature is only practical for unstructured and voxel topology, T-Rex tools are provided for easy setup up front of the T-Rex algorithm. Keep in mind that the resulting block will still need to be initialized (i.e. populated with volume cells). Please refer to the Grid, Solve section for further information regarding unstructured and voxel blocks setup and initialization.


Note: The domains selected prior to entering the Build Farfield command will be automatically used as size field influencers for the new block. Refer to the Size Field Tab section linked below for further information.

Select Create, Build Farfield. A submenu (shown below) is provided to choose from a list of available block types: Unstructured and Voxel. This will be the default block type applied when the Build Farfield panel opens up.

Build Farfield Submenu
The Build Farfield submenu is used to select the block type to be created upon opening the Build Farfield panel.

Tip: Choose the desired option in the Build Farfield submenu (shown above) to have that block type applied when the Build Farfield panel opens up (shown below).

Use the Build Farfield functionality to create farfield blocks (Unstructured or Voxel) based on existing grid entities.

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