Curve segments can be created freely in three dimensional space and are cubic polynomials between successive points. Their slope is defined either by a Catmull-Rom, Akima or Bezier control algorithm. Choose which slope control is used in the Curve Segment Options frame.

Curve Segment Options frame
Use the Curve Segment Options frame to choose either Catmull-Rom, Akima or Bezier slope control for Curve segments.
  • Catmull-Rom: The slope at a given point is parallel to a chord between the two adjacent points. At the end of a curve, the slope will be tangent to the end point and the adjacent point.
  • Akima: The slope at a given point uses a stencil of five consecutive points and produces curves with fewer “wiggles” or overshoot. One result of the five point stencil is that three consecutive points which lie on a line will have linear slope between them.
  • Bezier: Allows slope control at each control point. The slope must remain continuous. If a slope discontinuit is desired, a new segment must be started at the location of the discontinuity.