Draw Curves

The Draw Curves command does not require selection. These curves can be either database, connector, or source curves, and can be made up of multiple segments. Since connectors are the fundamental grid entity in Pointwise, from which domains and blocks derive their shape and distribution of grid points, extensive control is provided to define their shape.

Select Create, Draw Curves. A submenu (shown below) is provided to choose from a list of all the available segment types: Line, Curve, Line on Database, Curve on Database, Circle, Conic, and Pole. This will be the default segment type applied when the Draw Curve panel opens. Define the necessary points for the new curve to be created.

Draw Curve
The Draw Curves submenu is used to select the default segment type used upon opening the Draw Curve panel.

Tip: Use Draw Curves when more efficient topology creation tools, such as 2 Point Curves and Connectors on Database Entities, do not fit the task at hand.

Draw Curve Panel
Use the Draw Curves panel to create general curves of any type or shape.

At the top of the Draw Curve panel you will find a table which lists the Segment Number currently in work and the number of Control Points currently defined for that segment.

Below the summary table, you can choose the Entity Type of your new curves: Connector, Database, or Source.

In the Segment Type frame, there are buttons representing all the segment types Pointwise supports: Line, Curve, Line on Database, Curve on Database, Circle, Conic, and Pole. Simply click a Segment Type button to choose that type for the current segment under construction.

Below the Segment Type frame you will find the standard Point Placement frame. Note that the Delete key on your keyboard can be used as a shortcut for the Delete command in this frame. Delete All Interior will remove all interior control points. See the Deleting Control Points section for more details on removing control points.

The Segments frame provides controls related to entire curve segments. At least two points are required to define a single segment, except when creating a pole, which requires only one point. When starting a new curve, after one point is defined, the Delete command becomes active. This command will remove the current segment from the curve. If it is the only segment, the curve will be cleared. Once two points have been defined, the Segments Add and Insert commands also become active. Segments Add will save the existing segment and move to defining a new segment at the end of the existing segment. Segments Insert will save the existing segment and move to defining a new segment at the beginning of the existing segment. Saving portions of a curve as different segments allows you to use a different segment Type for each segment. This provides the ability to create very complex curve shapes.

The Current Segment arrow command buttons allow you to navigate through the segments in a curve either toward the beginning or end of the curve under construction. Since the Draw Curves command allows you to edit the curve under construction at any time, the Current Segment control allows you to navigate to some other segment to edit it if necessary.

When the new curve is complete, click OK to save it and close the panel, click Cancel to discard it and close the panel, or click Apply to save it and continue on to the next new curve.

For more information on the available Segment Types, choose a topic below:


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