Sometimes an existing control point or one that has just been added creates shape changes or constraints that are undesirable. In these situations, deleting the control point in question can quickly clear up the problem.

Fidelity Pointwise provides tools for deleting control points when needed. Click the Delete button in the Points frame within the Point Placement frame. This deletes the last added or selected control points. To delete any single control point, hold down the Ctrl key and left-click the control point, then click Delete or press the keyboard Delete key.

To delete multiple selected control points at once, hold down the Shift key and left-click to select. Likewise, hold the Shift key and click and hold the left mouse to size a selection box for multiple control point selection. Select menu options Adjacent and All Adjacent are also available (only when using Edit, Curve) along with their corresponding shortcuts.

To delete all interior control points at once, click the Delete All Interior button. As soon as a control point has been deleted, the shape of the curve being edited should update accordingly.


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