The controls in the Target Database Selection frame let you choose precisely which database entities to project onto. By default, all visible database entities are included in the list of candidates.


Note: When intending to project connectors onto database curves, those target database curves must be selected explicitly via the Target Database Selection tools. Only connectors can be selected for the Project command in order for database curves to be available for selection as target entities.

Projection Target
Use Target Database Selection to specify a subset of projection target entities from all those currently visible.
  • Begin: Allows you to start the database entity selection process within the Display window or List panel. Once Begin is clicked, the text Currently selecting... should appear within the frame. The text on this button changes to End and the button remains depressed until clicked to end selection. Once End is clicked, the text Projecting onto N entities should appear within the frame where N is the number of selected database entities.
  • Cancel: Allows you to end the database entity selection process without changing the target status.
  • Default: Allows you to clear the current database entity selection. Once Default is clicked, the text Projecting onto all entities should appear within the frame. This indicates that all currently visible database surfaces are now candidate targets for projection.

Tip: When performing a projection, pay close attention to the Points On/Off and Percent On/Off summaries provided in the Project panel. If a number/percentage of points were not projected, it may be an indication that your projection direction or target database selection may need adjustment.


Using the Project Command in Pointwise

Project Connectors Onto Curves