The Mirror command is a special version of the scale command that allows you to reflect database and grid entities about a plane. For structured block entities, this command also reorients the mirrored block by re-specifying its computational coordinates to maintain its left or right handedness. The entity or entities to be rotated must be selected prior to entering the Mirror command panel.

Mirror Panel
The Mirror panel provides controls for mirroring an entity or entities about a defined plane.

Select Edit, Transform, Mirror. Choose the Plane Mode you wish to use to define the plane about which the entities will be mirrored. The plane location will be set using the corresponding mode frame. Click on OK to save the mirroring or proceed to reselect the type of mirror plane or mirror plane value. Click on Cancel to exit the panel without saving any changes.

The Mirror panel contains two frames. The first frame, Plane Mode, allows you to choose the type of definition you wish to use. The second frame will always be labeled to match the currently selected plane mode.

Please refer to the Planes section for the discussion on the modes: Point and Normal, Three Points, Constant X, Y, or Z, and Coefficients. The Select A Plane mode allows a plane selection in the Display window or the List panel.