The Rotate command lets you alter one or more entities by rotating them about a specified axis. The entity or entities to be rotated must be selected prior to entering the Rotate command panel.

Select Edit, Transform, Rotate. Select a rotation axis curve. Alternatively, define an axis via 2 Points or Point and Direction by changing the axis definition type in the Axis Selection frame. Enter the rotation angle in the Angle text field. Click on OK to accept the rotation and close the panel, or click on Cancel to exit the panel without saving any changes.

Rotate Panel
The Rotate panel provides controls for axis and rotation angle selection.

Besides entering the angle of rotation in the Angle text field, you can also control the rotation by clicking on the Define Arc button. Note the axis must be set before Define Arc will be available. A rotation arc is defined by specifying two points in the Display window: a pickable point (handle point) on the selected entity and its future location after rotation. Once specified, the selected entity will be rotated by the angle between the final and initial handle locations relative to the axis.

The Axis Selection frame provides three methods for defining the axis: Curve, 2 Points, and Point and Direction. The default Curve option expects you to pick a curve in the Display window or in the List panel to use as the axis. If the curve is not linear, the endpoints will be used to define the axis. The 2 Points option allows you to pick points in the Display window or enter them directly into the XYZ text field. Point and Direction allows you to pick or enter a point and then select a primary axis direction through that point, or it allows you to specify a non-primary axis direction by entering a point directly into the Vector text field.

Delete Last Point allows you to delete selected or entered points when using either the 2 Points or Point and Direction axis specification options. Clear Axis allows you to start the axis specification process over from the beginning by clearing the currently defined axis.


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