The Scale command lets you alter one or more entities by scaling in each of the three coordinate directions. The entity or entities to be scaled must be selected prior to entering the Scale command panel.

Select Edit, Transform, Scale. Specify the Anchor point by either using the XYZ text field or by picking the point in the Display window. Select the begin and end points of the scaling transformation vector. Click on OK to accept the scaling or click Clear Scale Vector to reselect the scaling vector coordinates. Click on Cancel to exit the panel without saving any changes.

Scale Panel
The Scale panel provides controls for anchor point and scaling factor selection.

Within the Scale panel, the Scale Summary table provides details about the scaling anchor and scaling vector coordinates as they are chosen.

  • Anchor: It refers to the fixed point about which the selected entity or entities will be scaled.
  • Begin Point: It refers to the beginning coordinates of the scaling vector.
  • End Point: It refers to the ending coordinates of the scaling vector.

Other tools in the Scale panel pertain to the mechanics of how a scaling operation is performed.

  • Scale Factors: They are the coefficients by which the selected entity or entities will be scaled in the x, y, and z directions. Either enter all three coordinate coefficients, or enter a single value to be used in all three directions.

Within the Scale Control frame:

  • Repick Anchor: It allows you to reselect, either using the XYZ text field or in the Display window, the Anchor point coordinates.
  • Clear Scale Vector: It allows you to clear both the Begin Point and End Point scaling vector values.

The remaining tools within this panel are described in detail on the Point Placement page and provide additional ways to specify from the keyboard the coordinates you wish to use for the anchor, beginning and ending points of the scaling vector.


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