Trim By Curves requires selection of a database surface, quilt or model, or a combination of these. This command will trim the selected entities with any curves associated with them. Associated curves should include any curves projected onto these entities or any curves resulting from the Intersect command.

Use Trim By Curves to define subsets of a quilt from curves associated to it.

After selecting entities and entering the command, you are in secondary selection for curves to use for trimming. These curves must already be associated with the selected surface, quilt or model in order to be available for selection. Once one or more curves have been selected, click Imprint to have the entities trimmed by the selected curves. The table is updated with the number of potential quilts created by the imprint trimming. Click OK to save all of the candidate trimmed quilts and exit the command, or click Apply and Select to interactively select the desired trimmed portions in the Display window. Click Cancel to exit the command without saving any changes.


Trim By Curves

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