The Undo command provides the ability to undo either the last command or a list of commands. When selected from the Edit menu, the Undo command allows you to undo one command at a time, whereas the Undo button from the Edit toolbar will allow you to undo multiple operations at once.

Undo Redo Command
The Undo and Redo commands in the Edit menu provide easy ways to recall a command that has been executed or undone.

As can be seen in the figure above, the last command executed will be displayed in the Edit menu next to the Undo command. This listing allows you to seewhat command will be undone by the Undo command before using it.

For situations where you need to undo multiple commands, left-clicking onthe down arrow to the right of the Undo button in the Standard toolbar willshow a pull-down menu of the last commands executed. Clicking on one ofthe commands will undo all commands from your current state to the command chosen, effectively returning Pointwise to a previous state.

Multiple consecutive commands can be undone via the Undo button in the Standard toolbar.

In the list display for multiple Undo, only the last five commands are shown by default. The number of commands shown can be adjusted within the Edit, Preferences command.