ANSYS Fluent (legacy) supports 2D and 3D grids of all cell types that can be created in Pointwise. This exporter is used by V17.0 and earlier versions of Pointwise that is compatible with Gridgen's Fluent exporter.

Unlike ANSYS Fluent that groups boundary conditions by volume conditions, this exporter groups boundary conditions by which block they belong to when volume condition is not specified.

In the figure shown below, for example, two boundaries with the BC name "Outflow" are associated with "Block-A" and "Block-B" respectively. If the volume condition is left "Unspecified" for these two blocks, that results in two zones upon export. Likewise, two zones will be created for the three "Wall" boundary conditions.

However, one zone will be created for "Outflow" or "Wall" boundary condition if ANSYS Fluent is used.

Fluent BC example
ANSYS Fluent (v15) handles unspecified volume conditions different than ANSYS Fluent.