EXODUS II supports 2D and 3D hybrid grids. If no BCs are applied prior to CAE export, boundary condition export is skipped for EXODUS II. If one or more BCs are applied, but with physical Type still set to Unspecified, the CAE export will return a failure. Any applied BCs must have physical Type specified in order to export CAE files successfully. If blocks are unassigned to a Volume Condition, then they will be exported as separate entities. Blocks with the same cell type and assigned to the same Volume Condition will be exported as a single entity. When there is a mixture of blocks containing some that are assigned a Volume Condition and some that are not, then the unassigned blocks will be exported as separate entities while the assigned blocks will be merged based upon cell type.

A block numbering scheme, enabling additional messages regarding block numbering output, and a RAM maximum cache size can all be specified using the Set Solver Attributes command (CAE, Set Solver Attributes, EXODUS II).