Merge is used to remove coincident and overlapping connectors. Once in Merge, all connectors in the Display window are colored according to the topological filter type to which they belong. For example, connectors that are free will be displayed in red in the Display window while manifold and nonmanifold connectors will be displayed in cyan and yellow respectively.

If merging candidates are members of particular a group(s), remaining connectors after merging will assume group membership of all originals removed per remaining connector. That is, if “con-1” belonging to “group-1” is replaced by “con-2” in “group-2”, that will make “con-2” a new member of “group-1”.


Tip: The Merge command only operates on visible connectors. Therefore, you can assign connectors that you would rather not be merged to a new layer and turn it off to prevent them from being merged.

Free connectors are used by a single domain or none.

Manifold connectors are used by two domains.

Non-Manifold connectors are used by more than two domains.

Merge panel
The Merge panel is used to remove coincident and overlapping connectors.

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