Very often you need the ability to interrogate the location of a point or points in the project or find the distance between two points. This can be accomplished at nearly any instant using the mouse and keyboard (see Mouse Functions for more information). You can select a point using Ctrl+Shift+MMB to have the point’s coordinates printed to the Messages window. Select a second point in this manner to have the second point’s coordinates and the distance to the previous point printed to the Messages window.

Click and hold Ctrl+Shift+MMB on the second point to display, in the Display window, a dashed line to the previous point along with the associated distance. While holding the sequence you can also drag the mouse to other pickable points and have the dashed line and distance dynamically updated in the Display window. Upon release of the mouse button, the coordinates of and distance to the last selected point will be printed to the Messages window.

Keep in mind that text in the Messages window can be copied and pasted to other text fields within Pointwise or to another software package altogether. On Windows platforms, Alt+RMB can be substituted for the Ctrl+Shift+MMB sequence.


Tip: You can use the point probe shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+MMB for all platforms and Alt+RMB for Windows platforms) within any Pointwise command. If you need the coordinates of a point on your geometry for use in a command’s text entry field, simply use the point probe on the point, copy the point’s coordinates that are output into the Messages window, and paste into the desired text field.


Point Distance Measuring