This command is a link to the Fidelity Pointwise HTML user manual — the documentation you are reading now. Selecting User Manual from the Help menu will launch your system's default web browser and navigate to the main landing page for the Fidelity Pointwise user manual. By default, this command will open the Fidelity Pointwise hosted online documentation. If your machine is not internet connected, Fidelity Pointwise will detect this and load the included offline copy of the user manual.


Note: It is recommended you use Fidelity Pointwise's online user manual as it will be the most accurate and up-to-date documenation available. However, be aware that the online documenation may not be in sync with your installation of Fidelity Pointwise if you are running an older version of the sofware.

If loading the online documentation is not preferrable, you may change this option in the Edit, Preferences panel. Under the Miscellaneous frame, you will find the Use Online Documentation checkbox. This may be toggled on or off to suit your needs.


Tip: Not sure how to use a command? Use the built-in topic help (F1) to quickly locate details about a particular command from within Fidelity Pointwise. Refer to the Topic Help section for more details.


Online User Manual

Offline User Manual

Finding Help When You Have Questions