Overset Grid Assembly (OGA)

This document details how to setup Fidelity Pointwise to run in conjunction with an overset grid assembler (OGA).

Fidelity Pointwise has the capability to set up parameters for and execute automatically an external overset grid assembler software. Specifically you can interface directly between Fidelity Pointwise and PEGASUS 5 or Suggar++. Note that these assemblers are not provided with Fidelity Pointwise and must be obtained separately from their respective sources.

Additional overset functionality is provided in the Fidelity Pointwise GUI and is available only after an assembler software has been chosen via the Attributes tab of the Overset command panel. These additional capabilities are specifically found in the File, Export; File, Import; Examine; and Cae, Set boundary conditions commands. In order to successfully connect to and execute the chosen assembler software, it is necessary to perform some minor setup covered in this appendix.

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