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rtPwpPluginInfo.h File Reference

Static Initialization Data for the PWP_PLUGININFO structure. More...

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Detailed Description

Static Initialization Data for the PWP_PLUGININFO structure.

initialize the PWP_PLUGININFO data

The file rtPwpPluginInfo.h defines the static, compile-time initialization of the PWP_PLUGININFO data struct returned by the PWP-API function PwpGetPluginInfo(). If you want to see the implementation details, look in the /shared/PWP/apiPWP.cxx file.

The SDK file /shared/PWP/apiPWP.cxx includes rtPwpPluginInfo.h as shown below.

# include "rtPwpPluginInfo.h"

The format of rtPwpPluginInfo.h must be valid for the static initialization of a C-struct. If you are not familiar with static initialization, see the Example C-struct Static Initialization page.

When copied from the src/plugins/templates/PWP/ folder to your plugins project folder, rtPwpPluginInfo.h will contain example initilization data. This example data must be edited to define the values appropriate for your plugin's implementation.


The example data from the SDK rtPwpPluginInfo.h template file is shown below.

VERSION_PWP_INIT, // conforms to this PWP-API version
VERSION_LIB_INIT, // software library release version
"Cadence Design Systems, Inc.", // company/author description
"https://www.pointwise.com/support", // support description (phone, web-link).
"(C) 2021 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.", // copyright description
0, // number of APIs (auto-set at runtime)
0, // default msg callback (auto-set at runtime)
0, // spy msg callback (auto-set at runtime)

Please notice that the last three data members are initilized to 0. These values are set automatically at runtime by PwpGetPluginInfo() as shown in the code below.

Definition in file rtPwpPluginInfo.h.