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rtCaepInitItems.h File Reference

Static Initialization Data for the CAEP_RTITEM Array. More...

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Detailed Description

Static Initialization Data for the CAEP_RTITEM Array.

The file rtCaepInitItems.h defines the static, compile-time initialization of the global CAEP_RTITEM caepRtItem[] array. The CAE Plugin SDK uses this array to implement the functions and behaviors required by the Pointwise CAE Plugin API Specification (CAEP-API). If you want to see the SDK implementation details, look in the /shared/CAEP/apiCAEP.cxx file.

The SDK file /shared/CAEP/apiCAEP.cxx includes rtCaepInitItems.h as shown below.

// impl-defined CAE format data
# include "rtCaepInitItems.h"

The format of rtCaepInitItems.h must be valid for the static initialization of an array of C-struct's. It is important to note that some of CAEP_RTITEM's data members are also structs. This will require curly-braces {} around these nested data members. If you are not familiar with static initialization, see the Example C-struct Static Initialization page.

If you add custom data members to CAEP_RTITEM using rtCaepInstanceData.h, be sure to add the additional static initializers when editing rtCaepInitItems.h to prevent compiler warnings or errors!

Definition in file rtCaepInitItems.h.