Mesh and Grid Generation Software for CFD

Meshing impacts accuracy, convergence, and simulation process efficiency.

That's why so many people choose to generate their meshes with Pointwise.

  • Pointwise integrates with your design and analysis processes.
  • Pointwise interfaces with all the other components of your simulation toolchain.
  • Pointwise gives you control over the mesh to ensure converged and accurate results.
  • Pointwise delivers flexibility to support all your CFD solvers.
  • Pointwise enables automation and customization.

The Right Mesh for Your Application

Unstructured and Hybrid Meshes: T-Rex, Pointwise's advancing layer technique for rapid generation of hybrid meshes, generates layers of near-wall, boundary layer resolving prisms and hexahedra.

Refinement and Adaptation: Clustering sources provide control of mesh resolution away from walls and near wakes, vortices, and other flow features. Point cloud sources provide the opportunity to adapt the mesh to your flow solution.

Block Structured Grids: Pointwise's block structured quadrilateral and hexahedral methods have been honed over decades to provide a broad suite of elliptical and hyperbolic PDE-based methods that generate grids with smoothness, clustering, and orthogonality.

Overset and High-Order Meshes: Whether your mesh is structured, unstructured, or hybrid, you can generate it for use with an overset flow solver using the built-in interfaces to overset grid assemblers. If you use a high-order flow solver, you can utilize Pointwise's degree elevation and mesh curving capabilities.

Compatible With Your CFD Workflow

Pointwise is the workhorse that moves you confidently from repairing less-than-perfect geometry models to preparing the grid and boundary conditions for your flow solvers. You can work with the prevalent types of geometry models in use today.

  • B-Rep NURBS from the popular MCAD systems
  • Digital geometry from design software, 3D scans, and other sources

Most importantly, Pointwise gives you access to tools that ensure your geometry model is watertight and ready for meshing.

Once your mesh is complete, you export it and its boundary conditions to the CFD solver format of your choice. Interfaces are available to more than 50 open-source, proprietary, and standard formats. If your solver format is not included, you can use Pointwise's CAE Export Plugin capability to add it easily.

Tailored to Your Environment

Any or all of your mesh generation process can be automated with Pointwise's Glyph scripting language. You can write fully-automated, top-down meshing templates. You can encapsulate your best practices in convenient macros for frequently used operations.

Focused on Your Success

Pointwise's commitment to your success goes beyond just the software. Led by our industry-tested engineers, our technical support team is ready to provide assistance and software training to help you come up to speed fast. Pointwise generates more than just grids – we build long-term, collaborative relationships.