Download Pointwise

Download Pointwise

The current production release of Pointwise and its license manager (RLM, Reprise License Manager) can be downloaded from this page with options for downloading the software, the license manager, or both. Note that a valid license is required to run the software.

The current release is V18.1 R1.

Pointwise currently supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X 64-bit systems. For more information about the minimum requirements for each of those platforms, please see our Supported Platforms page.

Download Pointwise and the License Manager

Pointwise + License Manager

Choose this option if you are installing for the first time and need both Pointwise and the Reprise License Manager (RLM).

Download Pointwise License Manager

License Manager Only

Choose this option if you only need to set up an RLM license server.

Download Pointwise

Pointwise Only

Choose this option if you have an established RLM license server and only need Pointwise installed.

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