Build Tab

The following sub-sections describe the commands available in the Build Refinement, Build tab for the different refinement block types (i.e. structured, unstructured, and voxel). Keep in mind that refinement blocks are mainly used as background and transition blocks in overset grid topologies. Please refer to the Grid, Overset command, for more information on the overset tools.


Caution: The grid entities selected before entering the Build Refinement command are not used to form interior faces of the block being created. They are, however, used to provide location and size field references for all of the Build Refinement block types.

Use the Build Refinement functionality to create refinement blocks (Structured, Unstructured, or Voxel) based on existing grid entities.

At the top of the Build panel, you will find two elements that are common to all the available block types: a table and the Block Type frame. The table displays the X, Y, and Z Characteristic Length of the selected entities. Additionally, the Minimum, Average, and Maximum spacings for the size field and the estimated (structured and unstructured) and actual (voxel) boundaries of the new block are shown. Keep in mind that the size field is computed considering the initial selected entities, any enabled sources, and any additional grid entities marked as size field influencers in the Size Field tab.

The Block Type frame (shown above with the different options circled in red) allows you to choose the type of block to be created: Structured, Unstructured, or Voxel. When you enter the Build panel for the first time, the Block Type will be selected directly via the menu.

At the bottom of the Build panel, you will find two elements also common to all the available block types: the Update Grid Entities button and the Selection frame. You can click Update Grid Entities to preview the bounding domains of the pending new block. The tools in the Selection frame provide a selection mode to reselect the domains to be used by the block being created. This would be equivalent to clicking Cancel to exit the Build Refinement command, changing your selection, and entering Build Refinement again.

Update and Selection commands
Use the Update Grid Entities command to preview the pending block boundaries. Additionally, use the commands in the Selection frame to update your initial entity selection.

When the new block is complete, click OK to save it and close the panel, click Cancel to discard it and close the panel, or click Apply to save it and continue on to creating another block.

For more information on each of the Build Refinement block types, choose an option below: